Own a Thrill! Own a Piece of NASA’s Quiet Supersonic Revolution (Flight Auction Open for X-59!)

NASA X-59 auction

The QSRA, the whispering beast of ASA, is looking for a new home—and possibly another takeoff!

Do you recall the sound of aeroplanes taking off, rattling your windows? Let us introduce NASA’s revolutionary Quiet Short Takeoff And Landing (QSRA) test jet, a futuristic bird designed to achieve fuel-efficient takeoffs and whisper-quiet landings. And what do you know? This unique wonder is for sale, giving you the opportunity to own a piece of aviation history that might enable you to realise your own dreams of taking off into the sky (with some serious upgrades, of course!).


NASA X-59 auction: Folks, this isn’t just any aeroplane. NASA’s crazy scientists gave this 1974 de Havilland Canada C-8A Buffalo a major makeover. Imagine it with four additional turbofan engines strapped to its belly, providing it with enough power to glide like a feather and climb like a rocket, all the while blissfully obliging the neighbours. Imagine drag reduction magic made possible by a unique airflow system and enormous, low-pressure tyres that hug the runway like a languid feline.

NASA X-59 auction: The QSRA changed everything—it wasn’t just a noisy neighbor’s worst nightmare. The planes that fly in our skies today are quieter and cleaner thanks to its research. Despite never having been used in commerce, its hushed legacy can be heard in every contemporary Airbus and Boeing that soars overhead.

This piece of aviation history is now prepared for its subsequent development. As of December 13, 2023, the bidding war is intensifying with a current offer of $10,001, courtesy of the General Services Administration (GSA), which is acting as matchmaker. However, before the gavel drops, who knows how high this flying treasure might soar!

NASA X-59 auction: Unless you have one very large garage, owning a QSRA would be more than just a quirky project for your garage. This might serve as the focal point of a museum, a teaching tool for aspiring pilots, or perhaps, with the correct permissions and adjustments, a chance to witness this whispering beast take to the skies once more.

The fortunate winner will get the following (NASA’s Whisper-Quiet Jet Takes Flight):

NASA X-59 auction

  • De Havilland Canada C-8A Buffalo model (modified for NASA)
  • Serial number (metal etching of history): 63-13687
  • Four JT15D-1 turbofan engines from Pratt & Whitney are the engines (enough to whisper “hello” from orbit)
  • Spread of wings: 79 feet (consider a mighty eagle, not a backyard sparrow).
  • Length: 69 feet (much cooler, but longer than some city buses)
  • At 27 feet, not tall enough to see over a skyscraper, but tall enough to peek over a hangar
  • 52,000 pounds is the maximum takeoff weight (imagine lifting a herd of elephants in a silent breeze).

NASA X-59 auction: This is more than just an auction—it’s an opportunity to acquire a piece of the future, a symbol of the limitless potential of flight and human ingenuity. So fasten your seatbelts, collectors, dreamers, and anyone with an interest in aviation! The QSRA is waiting for you, and who knows? With your assistance, this whispering marvel might take off again (NASA X-59 auction).

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