Alabama Drops Out of Top 10 in Rankings After Loss to Texas

Alabama Drops Out of Top 10 in Rankings

After losing to Texas, Alabama Drops Out football is predicted to drop considerably in the rankings. Prior to the game, the Crimson Tide were placed #3 in the AP Top 25 poll, but following the defeat, they are probably going to fall out of the top 10.

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Alabama Drops Out of Top 10 in Rankings : This is due to a few factors. First of all, Alabama is a consistent contender and is predicted to win the majority of their games. It is a huge upset to lose to a team like Texas, and it will hurt Alabama’s standing.

Second, while having a talented roster, Alabama is still a young, unproven team. They committed numerous errors in the game against Texas, and if they hope to succeed this season, they will have to learn from those errors.

Alabama Drops Out of Top 10 in Rankings : Lastly, while determining their rankings, the College Football Playoff committee will consider Alabama’s defeat. The selection committee is in search of winning teams, and Alabama’s chances of qualifying for the postseason will be harmed by a defeat to Texas.

Although it’s still too early to predict Alabama’s exact placement, they most certainly won’t be in the top 10. This week’s results for other clubs could push them down to #15 or perhaps #20.

Alabama Drops Out of Top 10 in Rankings : Alabama can still win the SEC and qualify for the College Football Playoffs, though; they are still a very strong squad. They must improve in the upcoming weeks by taking note of what went wrong versus Texas.

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