Ex Oblivione Ascensions: OWCS Debut, Star Roster, and Brigitte Joins the Team!

Ex Oblivione OWCS roster and Brigitte co-owner

From Lowly Beginnings to High Glory: Ex Oblivione Rises in OWCS with Star Power

Ex Oblivione, a rising star organization, is making waves in the professional Overwatch scene as they advance significantly. They have revealed an unexpected addition to their ownership structure in addition to securing a highly sought-after berth in the forthcoming Overwatch Champions Series (OWCS) Europe competition.

From the Overwatch Contenders circuit to the Big Leagues, Ex Oblivione has been steadily establishing a solid reputation by regularly showcasing their abilities in local competitions. Their hard work and skill have finally paid off, as they are now formally the new European representative in the OWCS, taking the position of the Toronto Defiant. With the chance to compete against the best teams in the game, this is a significant step for the organization as it puts them on the international scene.

Revealing the Updated OWCS List

Ex Oblivione OWCS roster and Brigitte co-owner
Ex Oblivione has put up a strong squad that combines seasoned veterans with talented up-and-comers to take on the difficulties of the OWCS:

  • Backbone: An experienced tank player with a track record of tactical guidance and robust defense.
  • Tank player: Hadi is renowned for his aggressive play style and capacity to sabotage enemy formations.
  • FunnyAstro (Support): An adept support player that possesses a thorough comprehension of teamwork and hero synergy.
  • ChrisTFer (Support): A young prospect with great agility and flexibility in the support role.
  • Skairipa (DPS): An experienced DPS player with superb aim and a talent for leading his team through pivotal situations.
  • Kevster (DPS): An incredibly talented young player with a stellar record in Contenders.
  • M. Kevh, the general manager: Providing strategic and operational leadership to the team to ensure their seamless operation.

Ex Oblivione OWCS roster and Brigitte co-owner
This squad is diversified and possesses both raw talent and experience, which will make them a formidable team in the OWCS.

A Community Voice: Brigitte Ascends to the Leadership

Ex Oblivione OWCS roster and Brigitte co-owner
The reveal that Matilda Smedius, the voice actor of the adored Brigitte in Overwatch, is becoming a co-owner of Ex Oblivione adds even more mystery to the story. This surprising move, which elevates a well-known Overwatch community member into the organization’s leadership, represents a special kind of cooperation. Ex Oblivione’s reputation and community involvement can be further enhanced by Smedius’s love for the game and her relationship with the fan base, which are priceless assets.

A Novel Segment for Ex Oblivione

Ex Oblivione OWCS roster and Brigitte co-owner
With Ex Oblivione’s admission into the OWCS and the calculated inclusion of Smedius as a co-owner, the company has undergone a major era of change and expansion. With a strong lineup and a passionate and well-thought-out leadership group, they have made a name for themselves on the international scene. It looks like a great OWCS season is coming up, and Ex Oblivione is going to leave a mark on the competitive Overwatch scene.

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