Level Up Your Rig: ASUS Motherboards Now Support Up to 256GB DDR5 Memory


Power users and PC aficionados, ASUS unleashes the beast: motherboards now support an incredible 256GB of DDR5 memory!

For individuals seeking the best possible memory performance, ASUS has released a revolutionary product. The company just revealed BIOS changes that allow a staggering 256GB of DDR5 RAM to be supported on a number of their motherboards.

For users that push their computers to the maximum, this is a huge advancement with enormous benefits. Examining the specifics will help us understand how this news affects the PC construction industry.

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A Benefit for Taxing Tasks: Up to 256GB of DDR5 Power

Users that need a lot of memory for things like these will benefit from the leap to 256GB of DDR5 memory support.

Video editing: Working with large-format video files can cause memory use to explode. You may edit complicated projects with ease and not worry about slow performance when you have 256GB available.
3D Rendering: Creating complex 3D models uses a lot of memory space. This update enables handling of complicated scenarios and more fluid rendering processes.
Memory-Dependent Applications: The extra headroom that 256GB provides is beneficial for running scientific simulations, high-fidelity music creation, and other memory-intensive activities.

Past Enthusiasts: The Prospects for Memory Capacity


Although power users are the main audience for this revelation, memory technology is seeing a wider trend as a result. There will inevitably be a need for extra memory as workloads and applications becoming more demanding. ASUS is now in the lead in this evolution thanks to their action.

Which Motherboards from ASUS Are Boosted?

The good news is that the update is being sent to a large number of ASUS motherboards. A summary is provided below:

Platforms supported:

  • DDR5 memory modules used by motherboards from the Intel 600 and 700 series.
  • motherboards from AMD’s AM5 family: which can currently accommodate 256GB without a BIOS update.

The capacity of the motherboard

  • With the addition of four 64GB DDR5 DIMM slots, these motherboards can now accommodate an incredible 256GB of DDR5 memory.
  • A motherboard with only two DIMM slots shouldn’t be too worried about. A major improvement over the prior constraints, these models can now support up to 128GB of DDR5 memory.

Vital Things to Think About

  • Prior to hastily purchasing 256GB of DDR5 memory, bear the following important considerations in mind:

Downloading and installing the most recent BIOS update from ASUS is necessary for users with Intel-based ASUS motherboards in order to enable the 256GB capability.


  • Check for Compatibility: Not every model in the supported series will work with the update. Prior to updating the BIOS, make sure the motherboard model you have is on the list of supported models.
  • Gains in performance: While having more memory has benefits, the real speed gain will vary depending on the software and workload you use. The advantages might not always be as noticeable for routine work.

The Era of Computer Building is Here.

Power users now have more options and a major step forward in PC building technology with the ability to utilise 256GB of DDR5 RAM on ASUS motherboards. As a result of this action, ASUS will be able to meet the increasing demand for more memory capacity. This upgrade from ASUS is undoubtedly something to keep an eye on whether you’re an avid gamer, a professional video editor, or someone who uses their PC to the absolute maximum.

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