Vanderbilt Returns! Lakers’ Monster Mash is Back to Haunt the NBA

Jarred Vanderbilt Lakers

Jarred Vanderbilt has finally made his way back into the Lakers lineup after a torturous two months out with a heel injury, and it’s about damn time! This defensive stalwart didn’t take long to show everyone why he’s such an important player, playing 14 crucial minutes in their victory over the Houston Rockets. Nevertheless, Vanderbilt remained active throughout his absence. He became the Lakers’ best fan and watcher, picking up insightful knowledge that will surely boost his performance.

20170329 MCDAAG Jarred Vanderbilt dunk

Fans of the Lakers, fasten your seatbelts: Vanderbilt is back, and he’s coming to lead a defensive revolution. He’ll be the Lakers’ covert weapon in the following ways:

Jarred Vanderbilt Lakers

  1. Lockdown Defence: Vanderbilt is renowned for its defensive adaptability. He can fight down low with large men, smother wings, and switch onto guards with ease. The opposition’s offence will be forced into turnovers and contested shots by this chameleon-like talent. Recall LeBron’s famous block during a chase-down? With Vanderbilt serving as the defensive anchor, picture it occurring on each and every possession.
  2. Rebounding Ability: It’s no secret that the Lakers struggle with rebounding. Here comes the human hoover cleaner, Vanderbilt. He has a remarkable talent for spotting missed shots and creating possibilities for retakes. The Lakers’ offence will be energised by their unrelenting search of rebounds, which will provide them more possessions and eventually, more victories.
  3. Hustle and Heart: Vanderbilt plays with an infectious intensity that uplifts everyone around him. His talent isn’t the only thing that makes him special. His hustling plays, floor diving, and unwavering motor will inject much-needed energy into the Lakers’ offence, which has been known to become stale at times. He’ll be the first to set up a screen, the first to race down the court, and the first to celebrate a successful play by a teammate. The Lakers need this contagious energy more than anything else to get through difficult times and win big games (Jarred Vanderbilt Lakers).
  4. New Perspective: Vanderbilt was able to observe from a different angle because they were on the sidelines. He was able to pinpoint the areas where he may have the most influence because he seen the Lakers’ hardships and victories firsthand. With the experience of his forced absence, he acts like a coach on the court, calling out switches, anticipating plays, and guiding his teammates. The Lakers’ entire defensive strategy will be completely transformed by this increased tactical knowledge (Jarred Vanderbilt Lakers).
  5. X-Factor: Vanderbilt gives the Lakers an intangible X-factor that goes beyond the measurable statistics. He is a leader who speaks up, the centre of attention in the locker room, and the epitome of the Lakers’ hustle and tenacity. Just by being on the court, he inspires confidence in his teammates and intimidates opponents (Jarred Vanderbilt Lakers).

Jarred Vanderbilt Lakers: Jarred Vanderbilt’s return to the starting lineup has brought the Lakers one step closer to their goal of winning a title. He is more than simply a player; he is a motivator, a tactician, and an achiever. Fans of the Lakers should therefore keep an eye out because Vanderbilt will be dominating the court.

Recall that the Lakers’ well-kept secret is no longer that. Jarred Vanderbilt is here to stay, that’s for sure.

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