Celebrity news Jimin’s new blonde hair is breaking the internet

Jimin’s new blonde hair is breaking the internet

Jimin’s new blonde hair is breaking the internet

Fans love Jimin’s new blonde hair, which he showed off at the BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS concert. He is the lead singer and dancer for the global K-pop group BTS. His dark hair has been dyed lighter, and the new style looks great on him.

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In 2016 for the BTS music video “Run,” Jimin got blonde hair for the first time. He also wore blonde hair for the 2017 BTS World Tour “The Wings Tour.” Fans were happy to see the colour back on him because it had been a few years since he had it.

Jimin's new blonde hair is breaking the internet 2

A lot of people are excited about and talking about the new look on social media. Twitter, Instagram, and other sites are full of Jimin fans who can’t get enough of his new blonde hair.

Jimin’s new blonde hair is breaking the internet

  • “Jimin’s blonde hair is the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” a fan wrote.
  • Another fan tweeted, “Jimin looks so good with blonde hair.”
  • “I can’t believe blonde Jimin is back,” wrote one fan on Twitter.
  • Some fans are even saying that Jimin’s new hairstyle looks like the hairstyles of famous people like Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • “Jimin with blonde hair looks like a movie star,” one fan wrote on Twitter.
  • Another fan tweeted, “Jimin is the most beautiful man in the world with blonde hair.”
  • Fans are mostly glad to see Jimin with blonde hair again. They think it looks good on him and makes him look even better.

Why do people really like Jimin’s new blonde hair?

Jimin’s new blonde hair is breaking the internet

  • Few things make fans love Jimin’s new blonde hair so much.
  • First, he has a new look. Jimin has always had dark hair, so seeing him with light hair is nice.
  • Second, his blonde hair looks great with his face. His eyes look brighter and his skin looks healthier.
  • Finally, Jimin looks older and more put-together with his blonde hair. He doesn’t look like a boy anymore, and this shows that he’s growing up and changing.

How long will Jimin’s new blonde hair last?

Jimin’s new blonde hair is breaking the internet

We don’t know how long Jimin will keep his blonde hair. There is no set length of time for this. It could be months or years. Everything will depend on what Jimin and his team choose.

One thing is certain, though: his fans will love him no matter what colour hair he has. Many of his fans will always love him because he is one of the most talented and good-looking idols in the world.
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