Olfactory Training After COVID: A New Path to Smell and Taste Recovery (With Tips!)

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Olfactory Training After COVID

You’re not alone if COVID caused you to lose your taste and smell senses. This unsettling virus side effect has affected millions of individuals worldwide. Still, there is hope. Olfactory training is a straightforward therapy that has been proved in a recent study to assist people regain their senses.

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Olfactory Training After COVID: A New Path to Smell and Taste Recovery (With Tips!) 6

Olfactory Training After COVID: what is it ?

Olfactory training is a therapeutic approach that entails frequent inhalation of various fragrances. It is predicated on the idea that the olfactory system is trainable and strengthenable, just like any other bodily system.

How does training through smells operate?

Odour molecules ascend the nose and attach to receptors on olfactory neurons when we smell something. The brain receives messages from these neurons and interprets them as odours. It is possible for COVID-19 to harm olfactory neurons, impairing our ability to smell.

Olfactory training facilitates the restoration of injured olfactory neurons as well as the reinforcement of olfactory neuron connections with the brain. This facilitates the brain’s ability to comprehend and identify scents by simplifying the information received from the olfactory neurons.

To what extent does Olfactory Training After COVID work?

Olfactory training was found to be beneficial in aiding individuals in regaining their sense of taste and smell following COVID-19 infection, according to a new study published in the journal Chemical Senses. According to the study, only 70% of people who received no therapy reported improvements in their sense of taste and smell, compared to 90% of participants who completed olfactory training for a 12-week period.

How to train your sense of smell at home

Olfactory Training After COVID is a low-tech, at-home therapy that is easy to use. These are what to do:

  • Pick four distinct, easily recognisable scents that you like. Olfactory training frequently uses fragrances like clove, eucalyptus, lemon, and rose.
  • Put a few drops of each fragrance onto a different cotton ball or piece of gauze.
  • Shut your eyes and take a 15-second whiff of each perfume separately.
  • After 30 seconds, take a break and sniff the next scent.
  • For each of the four smells, repeat these steps.
  • For twelve weeks, practise olfactory training twice a day.
  • Some advice on olfactory training

Maintain a steady training schedule. For best outcomes, olfactory training should be done twice a day for a duration of 12 weeks.
Pick aromas that you like. This will help you stay with the programme and make it more fun.
Speak with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.

In summary Olfactory Training After COVID

After COVID, olfactory training is a safe and efficient therapy that can help patients regain their sense of taste and smell. It’s an easy-to-do, low-cost form of at-home therapy. Consult your doctor about olfactory training if COVID caused you to lose your sense of taste and smell.

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