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Rare Disease Patients in China Gain Access to Life Saving Drugs: A Positive Step Forward

Patients in China Gain Access to Life Saving Drugs

More than 7,000 ailments that affect less than 1 in 2,000 people are together referred to as rare diseases. These illnesses frequently have no known cure and can be deadly or extremely crippling. Patients with rare diseases often have considerable obstacles in obtaining necessary therapies, such as exorbitant medication expenses and restricted therapy alternatives.

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Patients in China Gain Access to Life Saving Drugs: For Chinese patients with uncommon diseases, there is good news, nevertheless. Patients with rare diseases now have easier access to life-saving medications because to major advancements made in recent years by the Chinese government.

Government Initiatives to Make Rare Disease Medications More Accessible

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To improve the accessibility of medications for uncommon diseases, the Chinese government has taken a variety of actions, such as:

  • The Chinese Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) has approved medications for the treatment of rare disorders, and this list will be compiled nationally. To help patients pay the cost of these medications, the government offers financial support.
  • Priority review of novel medications for rare diseases creation: Through this procedure, new medications are brought to market more quickly and are more easily available to patients.
  • Funding the creation of novel medications to treat rare diseases: A programme to aid in the discovery of novel medications for rare diseases was started by the CFDA in 2019. Companies creating novel medications to treat rare diseases can receive financial help as well as other forms of assistance from this programme.
  • Governmental efforts having a positive impact.

Patients in China Gain Access to Life Saving Drugs: More rare disease medications are now accessible in China than ever before thanks to government initiatives. A record 13 new medications for rare diseases were approved by the CFDA in 2022. From the mere two new rare disease medications that were authorised in 2018, this represents an increase.

Many people with uncommon diseases now have better quality of life thanks to the greater availability of these medications in China. To illustrate:

Zhang Wei: In 2005, Zhang Wei was identified as having Fabry disease. Zhang’s Fabry disease status deteriorated over time because there was no known cure at the time. But in China, a novel treatment for Fabry disease was authorised in 2016. Through the government’s financial assistance programme, Zhang was able to obtain the medication. Zhang has been able to lead a more regular life since his illness has stabilised after he started treatment.
Li Mei: In 2017, Li Mei was given a Pompe disease diagnosis. Muscle weakness and respiratory issues are the hallmarks of the deadly Pompe illness. At the time of Li’s diagnosis, enzyme replacement therapy—a extremely costly treatment—was the only option for treating Pompe illness. Pompe illness was, nevertheless, placed to the national rare disease medication list by the Chinese government in 2018. For Li and other Chinese patients with Pompe disease, this reduced the cost of enzyme replacement therapy. Li’s condition has dramatically improved when she started undergoing enzyme replacement therapy in 2018. She can now breathe and walk on her own, and her quality of life is good.
Patients in China Gain Access to Life Saving Drugs: These are only two instances of how the Chinese government’s initiatives to improve patients’ access to life-saving medications have significantly improved the lives of those who suffer from uncommon diseases.

To summary Patients in China Gain Access to Life Saving Drugs

The Chinese government’s initiatives to increase the availability of life-saving medications for people with rare diseases are a step in the right direction. In order to guarantee that patients with rare diseases in China have access to the necessary therapies, the government has established a priority review mechanism for new rare disease pharmaceuticals, supported research and development, and offered financial aid.

Patients in China Gain Access to Life Saving Drugs: As long as the government keeps enacting these policies, more Chinese patients with rare diseases will have access to life-saving medications. Many people and their families will benefit from this in terms of improved quality of life.