Hawks Double Up on West Sioux! Remsen St. Mary’s Sweeps Dominant Basketball Showcase 

Remsen St. Mary’s Basketball

On November 29, 2023, the Remsen St. Mary’s Hawks dominated the West Sioux Falcons in an exciting doubleheader, putting on a heart-stopping show of basketball skill. The crowd erupted in enthusiasm as the Hawks’ extraordinary abilities and persistent commitment became evident.

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Girls’ Basketball: A Masterful Display of Ability and Power

Remsen St. Mary’s Basketball

The Hawks women’s team unleashed a tornado of offensive dominance, setting the stage for an incredible evening. After scoring an astounding 19 points, Mya Bunkers turned into a star player that the Falcons defence was unable to handle. Whitney Jensen and Carmindee Ricke added 12 points apiece to the Hawks’ overwhelming advantage. While Jensen’s six thefts and three blocked shots demonstrated her defensive prowess, Ricke’s seven assists and six rebounds further cemented her dominance over the game.

Remsen St. Mary’s Basketball: The Hawks’ offensive assault left the Falcons reeling, and at one point the gap had widened to an incredible 50 points. With 12 of their 18 three-point attempts and 50% of their field goals made, their shooting accuracy was nothing short of amazing.

Boys’ Basketball: Unwavering Spirit Meets Unstoppable Force

Remsen St. Mary’s Basketball

The boys’ squad from the Hawks maintained their lead into the second game, displaying their unique kind of irresistible power. With 11 points, Hunter Pick took the lead and showed commitment in every play. Trey Schmit and Jacob Schoon both joined the scoring fray, adding ten points apiece to the Hawks’ expanding advantage. With eight rebounds, Schoon showed off his strength beneath the hoop, and Schmit’s seven rebounds and five assists emphasised his all-around abilities.

Remsen St. Mary’s Basketball: The Hawks controlled the game from start to finish, never giving up their advantage or letting the Falcons get any kind of momentum. They continued to shoot with remarkable accuracy, making five of eight three-point attempts and 54% of their field goals.

A Night to Remember: The Hawks Take Off and Win

Remsen St. Mary’s Basketball

The Remsen St. Mary’s Hawks won the doubleheader with great win, solidifying their standing as a formidable team in the basketball world. Their performance left the audience in awe as their unwavering spirit, extraordinary skills, and unrelenting determination carried them to victory. The Hawks’ supremacy on the court was evidence of their commitment, diligence, and unshakable love for the game.

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