Sport IGA Swiatek Reigns Supreme: Samsonova Ranks Her as the Real No 1

IGA Swiatek Reigns Supreme: Samsonova Ranks Her as the Real No 1

Samsonova Ranks Her as the Real No 1

IGA Swiatek A player like Daria Samsonova speaking her mind is refreshing in a world where rankings mean everything. Samsonova has referred to Iga Swiatek as the “real No. 1” in women’s tennis, despite Aryna Sabalenka holding the official top ranking.

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It’s difficult to disagree with Samsonova’s evaluation. Swiatek has had an amazing 2023 campaign, taking home six WTA titles, including the US Open and the French Open. Additionally, since Martina Hingis in 1997, she has had the longest winning streak on the WTA Tour with 37 straight victories.


Samsonova Ranks Her as the Real No 1:Conversely, Sabalenka has had difficulty being consistent this season. Although she has two WTA titles, she has also suffered multiple defeats to opponents with lower rankings. In addition, Sabalenka is renowned for her inconsistent serving, which has occasionally cost her games.

Why, therefore, does Samsonova think Swiatek is the true leader? Samsonova revealed in a recent interview that she believes Swiatek has a unique presence on the court. “When I started to know her better and got closer to her, I felt something special,” said Samsonova. “She’s just a very genuine and down-to-earth person.”

Samsonova Ranks Her as the Real No 1:Samsonova complimented Swiatek’s tennis abilities as well. Samsonova remarked, “She’s a very complete player.” She possesses excellent serve, forehand, and backhand skills. She is also adept at navigating the court.”

Swiatek has exhibited astounding dominance on the WTA Tour in 2023. She is now the player to beat because she has shown herself to be the greatest player in the world.

Samsonova Ranks Her as the Real No 1: The fact that Swiatek is only 21 years old adds to her already remarkable success. As a player, she is still growing and could become even more proficient in the future years.

As a fan of women’s tennis, this is an exciting moment. With Swiatek at the top of his game, anything can happen in the future.