Heels on Fire! UNC’s Run-and-Gun Threat Torches UConn’s Defense (Prepare for a Wild Ride)

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UNC Basketball aggressive style

You know, the slow, old UNC? The one whose deliberate half-court sets and dependable offence soothed you to sleep? True enough, those Tar Heels are no more. The team this year is a sonic boom in Carolina blue, playing a thrilling style of basketball that makes opponents shudder in fear.
Coach Hubert Davis has let loose his team, exhorting them to play with a “go-go-go” mentality. Every steal is an opportunity to light up the crowd with an alley-oop, and every rebound serves as a launchpad for a quick break. The numbers are very clear:

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Heels on Fire! UNC's Run-and-Gun Threat Torches UConn's Defense (Prepare for a Wild Ride) 6
  • With a pace of 15.6 seconds per possession: UNC is a light year away from their slow 17.0-second average of the previous two seasons and ranks 33rd in the country.
  • 12.6 points for fast breaks each game: Almost twice as much as they produced previous year (9.3), which is evidence of their growing fondness for outrunning opponents.
  • A three-pronged assault: The Heels are putting up 27.3 threes a game at a 37.2% clip, showering threes like confetti. They’re not only quick; they pose a threat.

UNC Basketball aggressive style: This has more to do with a swagger than it does with numbers. It’s about point guard Elliot Cadeau dropping dimes with the accuracy of a laser-guided missile, big guys Pete Nance and Armando Bacot running down the court like Olympic sprinters, and sophomore guard RJ Davis slicing past opponents like a bullet train.
This aggressive play style is designed to take advantage of UConn’s vulnerabilities. Despite their strong defence, the Huskies might be caught off guard by fast-paced teams. Their methodical style of play may not work well with UNC’s fast-paced style, which might cause errors and easy baskets for the Heels.

UNC Basketball aggressive style: Naturally, there is a danger. Faster tempos frequently result in more errors. But the instability appears to feed this UNC team. They move like a well-oiled machine, each player knowing their place and carrying it out with the accuracy of a Navy SEAL squad.

Will UConn be able to withstand the onslaught from Carolina? Or will they give in to the unrelenting pressure and ferocious fast break? There is no doubt that the game on Tuesday night in Madison Square Garden is going to be a spectacle, a clash of styles that may leave college basketball fans in a state of shock.

UNC Basketball aggressive style: All of you people need to buckle up. The Tar Heels are just getting warmed up as a team. And UConn might be the ideal foe to experience their 15.6-second rage in full.

Will they destroy UConn? Will they win the NCAA? Time will tell. UNC is no longer a squad to be taken lightly, though, that much is certain. They want to play quickly, have fun, and possibly even win a national title while they’re at it.

UNC Basketball aggressive style: Recall that this is only the start. It will be interesting to watch how the Tar Heels adjust and improve their style of play as the season progresses, as their new identity continues to take shape. But there’s no denying that UNC is a formidable squad these days. College basketball has never been more thrilling than it is now, as they aim to dominate their way to the summit.

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